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Nominations Musical Awards 2019 Announced

The Foundation musical awards nominations are pleased to announce today that the nominees for the Musical Awards 2019 are known. In recent months, the professional jury, consisting of chairman Cornald Maas and members Marisa van Eyle, Charles Droste, Irene Moors, Michiel van Erp, Joris van Bennekom and Arno Gelder visited all productions. After deliberation, they announced their nominations.

The Addams Family is the most represented with 11 nominations, followed immediately by Selma Ann Louis and Het Pauperparadijs with 6 nominations. This year, too, the public can decide which musical of the past season, according to them, is the best through the AD Audience Award for Best Musical. The public can vote on www.admusicalawards.nl since the end of November.

The musical awards nominations ceremony will take place on January 23, 2019, at the RAI Theater in Amsterdam and will be broadcasted live by AVROTROS on NPO1 at 9.15 pm. The gala is presented by Frits Sissing.

The different nominations are divided over fourteen productions:

The Musical Awards Nominations 2019:

Female lead:
Naomi van der Linden ( The Color Purple )
Brigitte Heitzer ( Evita )
Pia Douwes ( The Addams Family )
Plien van Bennekom ( Selma Ann Louise )
Lone van Roosendaal ( Expedition Island )

Male lead:
Steyn de Leeuwen ( The Pauper Paradise )
René van Kooten ( Evita )
Johnny Kraaijkamp ( The Addams Family )
Jon van Eerd ( Charley the comical musical )
Dennis Willekens ( The Full Monty )

Female supporting role:
Kim van Zeben ( Woof Side Story )
Hilke Bierman ( Mamma Mia! )
Jeannine La Rose ( The Color Purple )
Marjolein Teepen ( The Addams Family )
Mylène d’Anjou ( The Addams Family )

Male supporting actor:
Laus Steenbeeke ( Side Story Woof )
Kees Boot ( All Stars the Musical )
Tony Neef ( The Addams Family )
Raymond Paardekooper ( The Addams Family )
Bass Hoeflaak ( Selma Ann Louis )

Upcoming talent:
Jochem Smit ( You’re the Top )
Anne de Blok ( Debt – Thriller musical )
Julia Autumn ( The Full Monty )
Julia Nauta ( Soof – the Musical )
Ruth Sahertian ( All Stars the Musical )

Best script / song lyrics / translation:
Tom de Ket ( The Pauper Paradise )
Jon van Eerd ( The Addams Family )
Nathan Vecht ( Selma Ann Louis )
Daniël Cohen ( Debt – Thriller musical )
Allard Blom ( Expedition Island )

Best music/arrangements:
Lavalu ( The Pauper Paradise )
Paul Maassen ( The Color Purple )
Fons Merkies ( Debt – Thriller musical )
Rutger the Bekker ( Expedition Island )
Michael Reed ( Charley the comic musical )

Best design / stage:
Michiel Voet ( The Pauper Paradise )
Arien de Vries ( The Pauper Paradise)
Carla Janssen-Höfelt ( The Addams Family )
Bobby Renooij ( The Addams Family )
Thomas Rupert and Roos Veenkamp ( Selma Ann Louis )

Best director:
Pieter Kramer ( Sid Story Woof )
Pieter Kramer ( Selma Ann Louis )
Koen van Dijk ( The Color Purple )
Paul van Ewijk ( Evita )
Paul Eenens ( The Addams Family )

Best choreography:
Daan Wijnands ( Woof Side Story )
Lonneke van Leth ( The Pauper Paradise )
Chiara Re ( Evita )
Daan Wijnands ( All Stars the Musical )
Eline Vroon ( Charley the comical musical )

Best musical big: 
Evita – De Graaf & Cornelissen Entertainment
Woof Side Story – Theater Rotterdam
The Addams Family – TEC Entertainment

Best musical minor: 
Charley the comic musical – Fun warehouse
Debt – Thriller musical – Michiel Morssinkhof
Selma Ann Louis – Stichting Theater alliance in collaboration with Bos Theater production.

Nominations per theater producer:
TEC Entertainment in collaboration with Theater Alliance 11
De Graaf & Cornelissen Entertainment 7
Forest Theater Productions and Theater Alliance 6
Stichting Het Pauperparadijs 6
Theater Rotterdam 5
Michiel Morssinkhof 4
OpusOne and Theater
Alliance 4 Pretpakhuis 4
MORE Theater Productions 3
Rick Engelkes Productions 3
American Songbook 1
Cook a Dream 1
Stage Entertainment Netherlands 1

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