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On Wednesday evening the Musical Awards 2019 were presented at the RAI Theater in Amsterdam. The professional jury, consisting of chairman Cornald Maas and members Marisa van Eyle, Charles Droste, Irene Moors, Michiel van Erp, Joris van Bennekom and Arno Gelder, have announced the winners tonight in 12 different categories. The big winner is The Addams Family, with three awards. The Lion King received the AD Audience Award for Best Musical 2018. The musical award was presented by the international superstar Anastacia.

The winner’s Musical Awards 2019:

Female lead: Brigitte Heitzer ( Evita )
Male lead: René van Kooten ( Evita )
Female supporting role: Jeannine La Rose ( The Color Purple )
Male supporting role: Laus Steenbeeke ( Wolf Side Story )
Upcoming talent: Jochem Smit ( You’re The Top )
script/song lyrics/translation: Jon van Eerd / adaptation and translation ( The Addams Family )
music/arrangements: Michael Reed/music ( Charley de Komische Musical )
design/stage: Michiel Voet (décor) ( Het Pauperparadijs )
choreography: Daan Wijnands ( All-Stars the Musical )
director: Paul Eenens ( The Addams Family )
musical big:  The Addams Family – TEC Entertainment in collaboration with Theater Alliance
musical minor: Selma Ann Louis – Bos Theater Productions and Theater Alliance. You also know about Nominations Musical Awards 2019.



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