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The Super Bowl 2019 is the final of the American Football professional league NFL. The game, which usually takes place every year on the first Sunday of February, determines the American football champion.

How can you experience the Super Bowl 2019?

You can go to the stadium as a spectator, where the finals are played, follow the game and enjoy the atmosphere. Countless fans are sitting at the finals but also in front of the TV.

The national anthem just before the kickoff

The Super Bowl is much more than just a game. The different customs around the finale are very exciting for the fans. Before each finale, the national anthem is sung by a popular US artist in the stadium. This is the moment when the voice of an artist unites a whole nation.

The halftime show at the Super Bowl 2019

The Halftime Show is at least as important to the US Super Bowl as it is to the game itself. Popular pop stars appear every year during the halftime.

The Super Bowl is not only in the US but around the world attention

The Super Bowl 2019 scores very high ratings every year in the US. But also outside the US, the transmission of the NFL finals is very welcome. Also in Germany, you can see the Super Bowl and the famous Halftime Show: usually thanks to live broadcast.

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