The Favorite and Roma Nominated for Ten Oscars

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Film prices The ten Oscar nominations for ‘Roma’ are a breakthrough for Netflix. The Oscars are essential to attracting big Hollywood stars. Also striking are the seven nominations for superhero film ‘Black Panther’.

The Oscar nominations are a neck-and-neck race this year between the absurdist costume drama. The Favorite by director Yorgos Lanthimos and black and white film Roma by the Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón. Who incorporated his childhood memories in a film about his former nanny. Both films won ten Oscar nominations.

The nominations for Roma are a breakthrough for the Netflix streaming service. Until recently, the streaming service encountered a lot of resistance in the American film industry. Because Netflix refused to release its own film productions not only online, but also in the cinema. Therefore, according to the powerful American filmmaker Steven Spielberg, the films of Netflix would only be eligible for Emmy’s; the American television prices. With Roma, Netflix has moved away from that rigid policy. The film appeared simultaneously on the streaming service and worldwide in a large number of cinemas.

Oscar nomination essential for Netflix

That has melted the resistance against the new player in the American film world, according to generous nominations for Roma. For Netflix, it is essential to compete for Oscars because that is the only way that the channel can bind the biggest names in Hollywood.

Cuarón is not the only filmmaker nominated for best direction with a non-English language film. The Pawel Pawlikowski Pool also surprisingly received a nomination as best director for the Cold War, also turned into black and white.

The members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are thus enjoying a cosmopolitan view.

Noteworthy are the seven Oscar nomination for the Marvel film Black Panther. Although superhero films are one of Hollywood’s most important money makers. Films in the genre are always lacking at the Oscars. Black Panther, which was groundbreaking because of the black cast and the respectful, positive view of African culture, breaks through that pattern now. This will probably encourage American studios to take more risks in the future with their large and expensive productions. You also know about Nominations Musical Awards 2019 announced

First Oscar Nominations for Spike Lee

The director of Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, did not know how to get the nominations for best direction. Spike Lee did, however, who for the first time in a career of over forty years has been nominated as best director for BlacKkKlansman (six nominations). In that film, a black policeman infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan with the aid of a white colleague in the 1970s. Let’s keep in mind that this first nomination for Lee – one of the most important American filmmakers of the past decades – did not come too soon.

Pop star Lady Gaga won an Oscar nomination for her role as the future singer in A Star is Born (eight nominations). But she will have a hard time to beat Glenn Close. She competes with her layered and intriguing role as the wife of a Nobel laureate for literature in The Wife. For Close, this is the seventh nomination at the Oscars, but she has never won the prize. This has created an atmosphere around her that is now really the highest time. She has become the favorite in her category.

Only men at best film

Competition has Close to fear from comedian Melissa McCarthy. She shows herself from an unexpected side as a misanthropic literary forgery in the not to be fooled Can You Ever Forgive Me? The Academy had been able to save embarrassing questions by nominating the director of that film, Marielle Heller, for best direction. Now the nominations for best film and best direction are once again an exclusive men’s club.

In the Oscar for best actor, Christian Bale takes the lead in Vice (eight nominations), if only because of the remarkable physical transformation he underwent for his mischievous portrait of former US vice president Dick Cheney. His main rival is Rami Malek, who convincingly crept into the skin of singer Freddie Mercury in the Queen film Bohemian Rhapsody (five nominations). Just like before at the Golden Globes, that film gets remarkably a lot of appreciation at the Oscar nomination, after many critics first grounded the film fairly harshly.

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